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Do you speak to animals?

Hi there,

I went to the zoo on Saturday. I actually go every few months to practice my photography. Well......that's what I told myself when I first went. My first time for this purpose was six years ago. I got a high end point and shoot Nikon camera as a gift and was super excited. I already knew that I liked shooting inanimate objects and nature but I honestly wished I had a pet (a dog obviously) to take photos of. Because of my love for animals, I decided to venture to the zoo by myself.

I don't normally go out by myself because, as always, anxiety will get the best of me and I will end up talking myself out of it. But, I am so glad that I went and I enjoy every minute of it, every single time that I go. Some friends ask me if I ever get tired of going to the zoo because there are the same animals all the time. My answer will always be no. The reason for this is that I experience something new each time I go and I learn something new about myself and the animals.

So this is wh…
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Starting Again.

Hi there, 
It's been forever..... and I'm going to be honest.  My anxiety kicked in, I froze up and just kept postponing writing. But something happened yesterday and two friends talked me through it and all I thought about was that I needed to write and express myself. Sooooooo I'm back. YAY!!
Honestly, I think (and by think I mean know) I'm unnecessarily hard on myself and I want everything to perfect before I start something, which is another reason why I haven't pounded this keyboard in months. But, while I know that things can never always be  perfect, I've decided to make a greater effort to remind myself that it is ok not to be perfect all the time or wait for this somewhat unattainable perfection. It's quite possible that's this has been holding me back in experiencing new things (self revelation, yay for me!). In fact, maybe about 2 years ago I made a conscious decision to say YES to new experiences, which was uncomfortable as hell sometimes but …

Happily Anxious

Hi there, 
So I have been experiencing anxiety on a different level lately. On most days I can get through the day and not feel too drained. But these past weeks, I have been feeling drained. Just deciding what to write and post send me into overthinking and what ends up happening is nothing, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. When I missed my first deadline to post on this blog, I said that I’d just write it the following day and then the following day came and nothing. And it kept going like this for over three weeks. I have learned to not ignore my anxiousness but to just sit in it. It will pass and I will be able to think through things which would help me to handle it better the next time it appears. Because it will happen, probably just not as frequently. 
I have also realised that the people that you surround yourself with give off energies and I seem to pick up on their energies. When their energies are positivr and happy it’s amazing, because they leave you fe…

Almost Perfect Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Are you ready for the week ahead? I am not quite sure if I am but I going to definitely try to be positive about things that I might encounter.

Quote for week: "It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not".

Last week, my anxiety kicked in and I did start to write the blog, because the aim is to post every Sunday and for special things or experiences. During the week the ideas were all there, but on Sunday..... nothing. So I shut down my laptop and only turned it back on today. I can easily talk myself out of doing things or going places. Today is a good day and I got things done today. I woke up early and sat outside having my coffee. This quiet time is important for quieting all the noise in my head. I took the time to listen to the birds and look at the formation of the clouds in the sky (which I love). I totally enjoyed this and I think this might be new Sunday morning ritual.

I also like to have my fi…

It's the new year....

So it's the new year.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 
My First Post....YES!!!  I've been toying with this for the last year and decided that now is the time. I don't know about you but I enjoyed my 2017. I mean I didn't fall in love or anything (ha!) but there were other things that happened. Work opportunities happened. I said yes to more invitations which led to amazing experiences. I got less panic attacks. I started colouring (AND I LOVE IT). I met some amazing people, both in person and online. I did say goodbye to some people that didn't provide peace in my life (bye felicia!). 
So hello 2018, nice to meet you. I have a strong feeling that we are about to become best friends. I am ready for all the lovely experiences and friendships that are about to happen. I'm embracing my anxiety, learning more about what triggers me and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. In a world full of extroverts, being an introvert takes strength. Only my opinion counts really because…